International efforts
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International efforts

Introductie Van Hes Projectmanagement is since December 2016 consulting at BVP projects in Norway. We realized at day 1 in Norway that we are expert in Best Value men ingen ekspert på Norsk.That is why we have been looking for a Norwegian partner since than. We successfully found one who is ekspert på Norskand has some (5 B-certified employees) experience in Best Value.   For 2018 we plan to:
  • Give B/B+ certification training in Olso
  • Consult buyers in Prestasjonsinnkjøp
  • Consult vendors in writing winning submittals.
  Our prestasjon in Best Value projects in Norway is:
  • Trained 4 people in B/B+ certification, client satisfaction for the training was 10 (out of 10)
  • Consulted at 2 Best Value project on the vendor side that were awarded, so a 100% win percentage so far.
  • Consulted at 2 Best Value project on the vendor side where the vendor did not make a correct submittal after all.